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Are you looking for a plasma cutting facility located in Ontario? If you are, you're in the right place. There are few things to consider when trying to choose the right profile cutting company. Plasma cutting has become the very process which enables our current production cycles. Being able to cut hard metal into the exact shape and size that we want allows us to create the foundation of our very own world.

A Company That Stands Out
This is why Advanced Profiles Limited proudly stand behind their services and results. Through their own expertise, Advanced Profiles is able to provide an invaluable service to other companies and industry leaders which shape our society. From machinery parts to construction materials, no job is too big for Advanced Profiles Limited. Their top of the line facility along with years of expertise allows them to produce an end result which often surpass the international standard for precision.

bevel cutting enabled plasma processDifferent Options For Your Needs
Advanced Profiles Limited offers plasma cutting in three general categories. Precision mode, production mode and lastly the sever mode. These categories are further divided by the very material that you wish to process, such as steel or aluminum.

Benefits Of Each Modes
Precision mode is for projects which require an end result with virtually no imperfection. This mode is ideal for mission critical parts or smaller components which need to fit together perfectly. The production mode also aims for accuracy but is also designed for higher speed production. If you have a high volume project, you will be able to take advantage of the production mode to its fullest. If your intent is to have your materials cut to a general size, the sever mode offers an unbelievable turnaround time along with economical savings.

modern plasma cutting equipmentImportance Of Knowing What You'll Receive
By being able to choose the exact service that you need, you do not have to pay for services that you do not require and take advantage of the faster turnaround times whenever available. This means that Advanced Profiles' methods allows you to save both time and money, making them an obvious choice for profile cutting when you consider the value along with flawless results. To learn more about their services and details of their operation, please visit the Advanced Profiles Limited website at
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